On Pinterest I share Poetry, ideas on Care, Books, Films, etc.
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    Find my autobiography on my exto-site.
    Check Exto Cora Westerink (1965)

    I draw and paint, offline,
    and I socialize with intimate friends, and small family.
    Besides, I love Music, Poetry, Visual arts, and Film.
    Ik teken en schilder, offline,
    Project Coordinator: www.starwink.eu


    Hand Made Drawings on Paper
    Handgemaakte Tekeningen op Papier

    Hand Made Paintings on Paper and Linen
    Handgemaakte Schilderingen op Papier en op Linnen

     Info@starwink.eu / www.starwink.eu



This is the site of Cora Westerink. Drawing and painting animals on paper, offline, and sharing Poetry, ideas on Care, mental health awareness, Film, Music, Humor, Religion in Art, and Book plates on Pinterest username poetrybirdsfly.